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Post-Collision Analysis

Crashes cost your business money.  If it's unfortunate enough to happen, give your employees the skills to make sure it doesn't happen again.


What if your employee was involved in a work-related collision?

Do you have the relevant system and procedures in place to carry out a 'post-collision' interview and investigation?

Do you have the relevant paperwork?

Does your staff have the experience to carry out this investigation?

At Driver Training NI, we can help with all of these

The ability to look into a collision is a specialist skill and we at Driver Training NI have the professional expertise to get straight to the important details of what happened and why.

The longer the interview is left the less likely the drivers are to remember relevant facts from the incident.  Our highly trained coaches will act professionally and conduct the interview promptly after the incident, to glean an accurate picture of what happened.

Driver Training NI will then help the drivers and the company to understand what they can do differently in the future and benefit from the learning opportunity presented from any collision.

Employees have a duty of care under Health & Safety Law for work-related driving duties.  Our team of risk assessors are here to help your business. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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