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Stone Road

Mature Driver Assessments

Get an honest, professional opinion on your driving.

Want to make sure you or a loved one are still safe on the roads?

With our Mature Driver Assessment, you'll get an honest, professional opinion on your driving from one of our friendly road safety experts.

With no daunting test to worry about, our team offer an informal and relaxed approach to making sure you're still safe behind the wheel.

Group of seniors making party in the car while driving_edited.jpg
What does it involve?

60 minute on-road driving assessment with one of our advanced instructors.

We cover a variety of road types in a relaxed and informal way (we'll give you directions and it doesn't matter if you make a wrong turn).

Our instructors specialise in helping experienced drivers achieve their driving goals and we'll provide you with an honest assessment about your driving.

We go at a pace that suits you, with no daunting test at the end of the session, just some friendly feedback.  You'll also receive a detailed report following your session.

Image by Matt Seymour

We'll meet you at your choice of 3 convenient locations, with easy access to a variety of road types to make sure we can cover exactly what you want.

You can use your own vehicle (insurance declaration required), or one of our trainers' vehicles which are dual controlled and fully covered for your use.

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