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Mature Driver Assessment

Want to make sure you or a loved one are still safe on the roads?

With our Mature Driver Assessment, you'll get an honest, professional opinion on your driving from one of our friendly road safety experts.

With no daunting test to worry about, our team offer an informal and relaxed approach to making sure you're still safe behind the wheel.


The session can be conducted in one of our trainers’ vehicles or you can use your own.  If you wish to use your own vehicle, you will be asked to sign an insurance declaration at the beginning of the session.


Please select which venue you would like your session to be conducted from by clicking the drop-down menu above.


Once you’ve booked, our office team will be in touch with you to arrange your training session at the location you’ve chosen.  Please note that availability is limited so booking early is recommended.  

Mature Driver Assessment

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