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Fleet Risk

Equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills to drive safely in all road & traffic conditions, for all vehicles.

Fuel costs and vehicle overheads too high?

Trained drivers are 25% less likely to be involved in a collision

Fuel cost can be reduced by up to 25%

Reduce wear, tear and the need for vehicle repairs

How we can help
On-Road Training

Our on-road training teaches practical driving skills for professional drivers.  This promotes efficient and eco-friendly driving in all situations and minimises drivers' risk.

On-road training is delivered by our team of specialist advanced driver trainers and examiners, and can be delivered on a 2:1 or 1:1 basis.

Classroom & Virtual Classroom Training

Our classroom or virtual classroom courses cover a variety of topics to suit your needs.

Our experts are committed to giving an educational, professional course for you and your team.

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Policy & Course Services

Do you need a company mobile phone policy or a safe driver handbook for your employees?

At Driver Training NI, we understand the legislative requirements for businesses employing drivers, and will help you make sure your company has the documents you need.

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Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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