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On-Road Training

Driver Induction Training | Van Driving along a road
Driver Induction Training

Aimed a new drivers to your company, our bespoke driver induction courses offer new employees the driving skills needed to succeed in their role.

Providing an overview of their driving responsibilities, these courses make sure that your new employees are positively representing your brand on the roads.

Driver Induction Training
Post-Collision Analysis

What if you or your employee was involved in a work related collision?

In our post-collision analysis courses, we bring in our professional expertise to get straight to the important details of what happened, and why.

We will help drivers and the company understand what can be done differently in the future and benefit from the learning opportunity presented in any collision.

Image by Clark Van Der Beken
Post-Collision Analysis
Familiarisation Training | Assessor | Van | Electric vehicles
Familiarisation Training

Having employees driving vehicles they are unfamiliar with, or in areas they are unfamiliar with, causes employees stress and poses a significant risk.

Whether it's moving from a car to a van, a van to a lorry or even using a different drivetrain (manual to electric vehicles), our familiarisation courses offer effective, engaging training for staff.

Familiarisation Training
Advanced Driver Training &

We are one of the few training companies in NI who can offer accredited advanced driver training programs with our in-house examiners. 

From starting with no experience of advanced driving to passing some of the highest level tests available, we have training packages for drivers of all levels.

Advanced Driver Training | Open Road | Driver Training NI
Advanced Driver Training

All our on-road courses are tailored to suit your needs and we can incorporate classroom training with on road sessions, if required.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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