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Safe Driver Induction Training

Give your new employees the skills to positively represent your brand on the roads.

Van Driving on a road | Driver Training NI

With our Safe Driver Induction training.  We help new employees into the driving aspects of their role.  From delivery drivers or couriers, to professional chauffeurs, we make sure your new employees have the skills to drive safely on the roads.

Our training can be offered on a 2:1 or 1:1 basis, and is tailored for your business needs.

Not only are trained drivers significantly less likely to be involved in a collision, but due to an updated driving style, they also save your business fuel.

The average LGV uses over 18160 litres or 4000 gallons of fuel per year.  A 5% reduction would save £800 in fuel per year per vehicle with an environmental saving of 2.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.


Based on a car travelling 12,000 miles a year, fuel bills can be cut by around £200 – £300 per vehicle. [Energy Saving Trust figures]

What are some of the skills covered on this course?

Driver concentration and mental skills for better driving

Observation and anticipation skills to help awareness of hazards and risks

Speed awareness

Effective vehicle positioning

Manoeuvring and space management

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